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Dalton residents evacuated from apartment in Wed., storm

DALTON, Ga. — Heavy rains triggered severe flooding, prompting the evacuation of an apartment complex on Fourth Avenue in Dalton in the early hours of Thursday.

At 12:31 a.m., 11Alive Reporter Cody Alcorn reported on the rising waters in Dalton, providing real-time updates on X, formally known as Twitter. Within minutes, the situation escalated as the flooding intensified.

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By 1:04 a.m., the Dalton Fire Department had sprung into action, swiftly organizing efforts to evacuate residents from an apartment complex.

Just minutes later, at 1:06 a.m., the video shows firefighters handing children off to 11Alive’s Cody Alcorn as he walks across a flooded roadway, bringing them to their awaiting families in cars.

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Credit: wxia
Dalton residents carried from flooding apartments by firefighters, 11Alive crew during severe storm

Multiple ground-level units were being evacuated, firefighters said during the continued downpour.

Speaking with authorities, the fire department said it was grappling with an exceptionally busy night, stretched thin by the deluge of emergency calls flooding in from across the area.

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