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1 killed in shootout between 2 vehicles in Lewisville, police say

LEWISVILLE, Texas — One person has died after a shooting that happened between a group of men in two vehicles, police said Thursday.

The Lewisville Police Department told WFAA its officers responded at approximately 2 p.m. Thursday to the 200 block of E. Round Grove Road. The shooting happened in the parking lot behind a Valvoline oil change shop and a Popeyes fast food restaurant, according to Lewisville police.

Both cars left the scene, police said.

One of the vehicles was found just to the west of that location in the Bridges of Oakbend Apartment complex, located at 195 E. Round Grove Road. Police said two men were found inside of a Black Porsche – one of whom was dead. The other man was taken to Medical City Lewisville hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound, police said.

Lewisville PD said it is still looking for the other vehicle, which witnesses described to them as a Chrysler vehicle. Police did not have a confirmation of model type as of Thursday afternoon. It is also unknown whether or not the person or people in that second vehicle suffered any injuries, police said.

The motive of the shooting was unknown, according to Lewisville police.

Lewisville PD said there was no threat to the community because it appears the group of men were acquaintances.

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